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JSA Medical College For Siddha and Research Center


JSA Medical College for Siddha and Research Centre is a world class institution, situated in 22 acres of land located at the National High way 45 (No.38, Trichy – Chennai High Way) at PALI, ULUNDURPET, with a builtup area of 2 lakh square feet. Our College Caters the needs of the rural population in and around major districts like Trichy,Salem,Thanjavur,Villupuram, Cuddalore & Pondicherry(UT). Our Institution is run by Shri Venkateswara Educational Trust which has been in the field of education for almost a decade. Our College is affiliated to The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai & Approved by Govt. of Tamil Nadu & Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India.

About Siddha

The Siddha science is a traditional treatment system generated from Tamil culture. Palm leaf manuscripts say that the Siddha system was first described by Lord Shiva to his wife Parvati. Parvati explained all this knowledge to her son Lord Muruga. He taught all these knowledge to his disciple sage Agasthya. Agasthya taught 18 Siddhars and they spread this knowledge to human beings.[8]

Siddha focused to "Ashtamahasiddhi," the eight supernatural power. Those who attained or achieved the above said powers are known as Siddhars. There were 18 important Siddhars in olden days and they developed this system of medicine. Hence, it is called Siddha medicine.

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Basics Of Siddha

Generally the basic concepts of the Siddha medicine are similar to Ayurveda. The only difference appears to be that the siddha medicine recognizes predominance of Vaadham, Pittham and Kapam in childhood, adulthood and old age, respectively, whereas in Ayurveda, it is totally reversed: Kapam is dominant in childhood, Vaatham in old age and Pittham in adulthood.

According to the Siddha medicine, various psychological and physiological functions of the body are attributed to the combination of seven elements: first is ooneer (plasma) responsible for growth, development and nourishment; second is cheneer (blood) responsible for nourishing muscles.

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News & Events

Integrative medicine and it's importance in the COVID 19 Mitigation

  • Date : 27th June 2020

Research Perspectives in siddha system of medicine

  • Date : 20th June 2020

Anti Viral Medicinal Plants in Siddha System

  • Date : 12th June 2020

Emergency Care in Siddha Pediatrics

  • Date : 06th June 2020

Second Siddha Day Pre Event in Mangalapet

  • Date : 20th December 2018

Medical Camp Nallur Village

  • Date : 30th September 2019

Medical Geology

  • Date : 25 & 26th July 2019

Siddha Drug Standardization

  • Date : 10.07.2019


World Siddha Day

After former Chief Minister Karunanidhi's announcement of Tamil New Year's Day as World Siddha Day, the first World Siddha Day was celebrated on 14 April 2009, addressed by his Excellency Shri Surjit Singh Barnala, Governor of Tamil Nadu.[10] The second World Siddha Day was celebrated in a grand manner on 14 April 2010, at Image Auditorium, Adyar, Chennai; more than 2000 students, post graduates, practitioners and traditional vaidyas participated in the celebration.[11] In connection with the celebrations, a website was launched. The third World Siddha day was celebrated at Trivandrum, Kerela, where Siddha doctors met on 14 and 15 April 2011

Research Journal Publications

Dr. K.Thangadurai


Dr. M.K.Tamil Muhil


Research & Development

JSA SIDDHA Advanced Centre for research gives drive to communicate modern technology, biotechnology & Traditional Medicene into the characteristics of Research Oriented Teaching/Training, Diagnosis, Drug manufacturing & Treatment insystems of Indian medicine especially Siddha, Ayurvedha, and other related fields. With traditional medicine gaining prominence, it is necessary to introduce modern technology and biotechnology in this sector not only in establishing the safety but also in effective Diagnosis, Drug Manufacturing & Treatment. Systematically based approach either in applying a formula or going for the production of drug by means of modern appliances in Indian System of Medicine. Our Centre has been developed in to a Multi–Disciplinary Research Centre with the state of the art facilities


In diagnosis, examination of eight items is required which is commonly known as "enn vakaith thervu".



The drugs used in siddha medicine were classified on the basis of five properties: suvai (taste), gunam (character), veeryam (potency), pirivu (class) and mahimai (action).



The treatment in siddha medicine is aimed at keeping the three humors in equilibrium and maintenance of seven elements. So proper diet, medicine and a disciplined regimen of life are advised.



First Professional Subjects

  • Siddha Maruthuva Adippadai Thathuvangalum Varalarum
  • Tamil Language or English
  • Uyirvedheiyal
  • Maruthuva Thavaraiyal
  • Nunnuyiriyal

Second Professional Subjects

  • Udal Koorugal I & II
  • Udal Thathuvam I & II
  • Gunapadam Marunthiyal I & II
  • Gunapadam Marunthakaviyal I & II

Third Professional Subjects

  • Noi Naadal
  • Noi Anuga vidhi Ozhukkam
  • Sattam Sarntha Maruthuvamum Nanju Maruthuvamum
  • Research Methodology and Medical-Statistics

Final Professional Subjects

  • Maruthuvam
  • Varmam, Sirappu Maruthuvam
  • Aruvai, Thol Maruthuvam
  • Sool, Magalir Maruthuvam
  • Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam

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